14 April 2014

Woman who Anointed Jesus: Precious Pearl

Mark 14:3-9 | Matthew 13:45-46

Many things
are precious to me,
treasures collected
over the years.
Fulfillment of wishes,
my heart's desire -
I love them,
would not let them go.

But you, o Lord,
are so much more -
I see it day by day:
your love to me
is worth so much
that I could never pay.

So what can I do?
You've covered me
with blessings so abundantly,
The most precious pearl.

So I let it go
and give all up
to have only you,
for you are enough.
I pour out on you
all that I have,
this precious oil,
my sign of love.


[8. April 2012]

Based also on the parable of the precious pearl.
I was thinking about how difficult it can be to convince people to leave behind their previous beliefs and follow only Jesus. When I read the parable, I realised that (at least in the translation I was reading) the man was described as a collector of pearls. He had quite a few pearls! A bit like many people nowadays who mix and match their religion? But when he found the most precious pearl, he gave up everything. Jesus is worth giving up everything we own, everything we know, everything that was precious to us before.

Picture by Frank Wesley.

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