01 October 2015

Herodias: Who Are You?

Matthew 14:1-12

Who are you
to tell me what to do?
Who are you
to interfere?
Who are you
to think you know better,
to think you can save me,
to think I'd ever change my ways?

You say repent -
I won't.
You say God cares -
I don't.
You say it's a warning -
I'm warning you.
You have a big mouth -
I'll silence it.
See what your God does now.

Who are you
to think you can stop God
by silencing voices you do not like?
Who are you
to think you know better
than the One who made you
for better things than this?
Who are you
to think your choices right,
blind to the fact
that they're destroying you,
defacing what God meant you to be?
Who are you
to turn your back
and reject the One who loves you?

Don't you see
what you view as attack
is Love reaching out
and calling you back?


[2. June 2013]

Herodias was Herod's wife - actually his brother's. John the Baptist criticised that fact - and in revenge she asked (via her daughter Salome) to have him executed.

Another 5-min thing (yes I write my poems quick... if they suck, you know why now)
The thing with writing in one go is that I go through a thought-process while writing.

So, the thought-process went something like this:
  • I put myself into Herodias' head. What's her reaction to John's criticism? "Who do you think you are?!" So I wrote a little rant for her.
  • Then thought that is quite the type of rant many people might feel like making when someone criticises their lifestyle. And they'll probably think they are completely in the right for thinking that way.
  • I didn't want to leave the rant standing just like that, so I added a change of p.o.v. (sort of God's view), picking up the "Who are you" from the first part to sort of "mirror" it.
  • I was thinking too: doesn't it make sense to respond with anger and frustration if someone attacks your lifestyle? But then I realised: God knows better. Who are we to whine about what God says is right? He knows better. And since I have been reading a lot of stuff about Creation and God's purpose for man (being in God's image and all), and how that was ruined by the Fall, I put a bit of that in.
  • We might feel upset or attacked when someone criticises us. People easily get wounded about such things. And I think that's understandable. But we need to differenciate between attack and compassion. Some people really do simply attack and hurt for the sake of being nasty. But others genuinely want to help because they care for "your soul", as one can put it. God cares for us, all of us, that is what I know. So if there is something the Bible says we must change, then we shouldn't try to twist that away, or get frustrated against God or against Christians, but realise that God knows best what is good for us, and His will is love and not oppression.
See, I also learn while writing a poem. :-D

Picture by Mattia Preti.

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